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Promise & Inventory

Today's promising requirements are complex, driving unique technical and operational challenges for retailers.

NEW! AI-Powered Predictive Order Promising

If you would like to learn more about our Predictive Order Promising, which leverages AI and ML to accurately predict the processing lead times for fulfillment centers, stores, drop-ship, and marketplace vendors as well as shipping transit times from carriers, click Let's Chat on the right and we will reach out to schedule some time with you.
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20% Up To 20% Conversion Rate Improvement
50% Reduction In Inventory Cancels
20% Reduction In Cost to Serve
15% Reduction In Support costs

The Promise & Inventory Module offers four major composable microservices that can work independently or together to provide you with the features and flexibility you need: Promising (EDD), inventory, sourcing and capacity. These services enable you to support a full breadth of OMNI Fulfillment use cases but more importantly, provides a framework that allows you to iterate your way to the perfect order.


Inventory Microservice

An inventory service for the modern demands of OMNI Channel commerce.

  • Three decoupled microservices providing real time scalable inventory data across your enterprise.
  • Our Demand and Supply, ATP, and SAVR (Snapshot, Audit, Visibility, Reconciliation) microservices provides enterprise grade features, performance, and traceability to manage your inventory across multiple sales and fulfillment channels.

 Click Here to Download the Inventory Master Solution Brief

Promising Microservice

Use our promise engine to drive conversion, mitigate cost and shape demand at the same time.

  • New! Leverage our Predictive AI Promising to make a specific promise based on your real-world network performance. Drive conversion while dramatically lowering the maintenance and analysis typically required with maintaining an accurate promise.
  • Our Promising Microservice allows you to make promises based on speed, split reduction, or cost optimization but more importantly allows you to add new costs or penalties as you grow in complexity – without development.
  • Promising is more than just providing an accurate estimated delivery date (EDD) – it's providing a business aware EDD for that shopper, in that moment, for that product.

Click Here to Download the Promising Engine Solution Brief

Sourcing Microservice

A new approach to Sourcing. Less dials and more explainability.

  • Our sourcing engine delivers a framework to easily add new data sources and then configure, not code, new cost based sourcing rules and penalties.
  • Prove these out through our embedded simulation engine and promote to production.
  • World class traceability through an LLM allows you to see where why decisions were made to improve confidence.
Click Here To Download The Sourcing Solution Brief
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Capacity Microservice

Manage capacity across multiple dimensions of your OMNI Fulfillment processes.

  • Manage capacity across assets such as carriers, nodes, labor, and fulfillment types (Same Day, BOPIS, Ship-from-store, etc.)
  • Define capacity across multiple units of measure such as units, lines, shipments, orders, or custom values.
  • Manage capacity in various ways, such as cutoffs, capacity slots, and rolling consumption.
  • Use an intuitive UI for set up and management and dashboards to isolate and solve capacity issues.
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Why choose a microservice-based promise solution


Learn how modern microservice-based Promising solutions can improve your customer experience with real-time inventory and promise calculations.