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Deep Domain Expertise, Transformational Product, and Flexible Commercials


25% Supporting 25% of the Top 25 OMNI channel retailers.
4M Average Project Length
5-20% Improve Conversion Rates
3-10% Reduce Cost Per Package

We Know OMNI Order Management

At Nextuple we built our set of microservices to work with your legacy order management system (OMS). We’ve extended and integrated with the major legacy platforms (Ex. IBM Sterling, Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Korber) across on prem and cloud versions. As a result, we can bring much faster value creation. With several of the "godfathers of OMS" and over 15 architects on staff that have 12+ years' experience with legacy OMS products, we’ve seen it all. What makes us unique is that we’ve taken this experience not to just build the right feature sets, but to build in flexibility in how you deploy those features in your current environment and commercial models that work for your business.

Illustration of three people strategizing at a table, highlighting Nextuple's deep domain experience.

Enterprise-Grade Microservice Solutions

Nextuple's co-development expertise, combined with our enterprise-grade products, fuels rapid time-to-market.  We can get you up and running in just 3-5 months, including integrations with your core systems. We can accomplish this because:

  • Our product managers and architects have on average 15+ years’ experience in the domain and come from companies like Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Amazon, IBM, and Blue Yonder.   
  • Our experience as a legacy OMS SI has given us firsthand experience of the gaps in these products and common pain points across retailers.
  • With over 100 retail OMS implementations across our team, we understand the evolution of these services at a typical retailer. Therefore, our designs are future-proofed to where we know you are headed.  
  • 30% of our implementations are co-development in nature which has allowed us to bring in the best feature sets from Grocery, Luxury and Specialty retail.  
  • With enterprise-grade product comes performance. Inherent in all our architecture and design choices is scalability. All our services are performance benchmarked at peak loads and have been battle tested in production at some of the world’s largest grocers and retailers.  
  • Our products come with comprehensive functional and integration test cases allowing you to quickly deploy automation against these. 

Retail Focused Tech Stack Options

Nextuple uses a modern stack for its microservices using languages, frameworks, and components like Java, Springboot, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kafka, React JS, React Native etc.  These options are tested with large volume clients and are preferred software components being used across the Retailer tech landscape. We chose these components and approaches for the following reasons:

  • The knowledge base of these products is well known and the chances of retailers having existing teams with this product experience is high.  
  • A document-based NoSQL database like MongoDB that is schema-less and allows for ease of adding new attributes as the service evolves.  
  • For high throughput high performance micro-services, we implemented the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern to keep read/write separation for best performance.  
  • React Native to support the flexibility of deployment to Android or iOS devices. 

A Flexible and Composable Architecture

Today, most SaaS-based OMS products use consumption models. That could be transactional or component-based consumption. At Nextuple, we’ve designed our microservices so that you can consume services down at the subcomponent level - all unmetered. This allows small, iterative deployments and rapid value creation. Our architecture was designed by domain experts with 15+ years' experience working with leading retailers. As a result, you’ll get products with:

  • Event driven architecture – allows for building scalable, decoupled, and responsive micro services.  
  • Flexibility to connect to your existing services such as item or node. 
  • We’ll take your existing contract and work with it vs asking you create another version of that service. This brings down your cost of ownership, maintenance, and deployment cost.   
  • If you are consuming multiple microservices from us, we can leverage them across all of our products.  This includes functional services like node and infrastructure services like authentication.  
  • Our architecture supports high availability though the Kubernetes deployment framework.  
  • Ideal Flexibility - Ex. our promising engine can work with your legacy inventory service such as Sterling OMS or Blue Yonder commits to get Inventory ATP data.
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Commercial Models

Nextuple supports multiple ownership models for our services:

  • Co-developed solutions with rewards for IP sharing
  • Mix of licensed packaged product with a roadmap and custom co-developed solution
  • Custom solution with rewards for IP sharing
  • Saas / Managed on your cloud
  • Binary deployment with option to Purchase Source code


Note, these solutions can be delivered in a metered or unmetered fashion.



Get Your Free Value Assessment Today

This six-hour workshop will identify the value Nextuple can bring to your organization. We’ll engage key business leaders, IT and operational executives in a collaborative discovery process to uncover improvements in revenue, efficiency and customer experience. Within 2 weeks of the workshop, we'll provide the documented business case and roadmap to maximize your business potential.

Success Stories
With our Nextuple Order Management Studio, Modular Solutions, domain expertise, Strategy Consulting and Expert Services, clients can be confident we will design, build and implement any combination of capabilities to create your winning "secret sauce".
From OMNI channel promotional pricing, to vendor fulfillment management and all things in between, we've crafted custom solutions for leading grocers and retailers.