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Transform your omnichannel order orchestration for better customer experiences at a lower cost.

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30% Decrease Transaction Load
10% Reduced Fulfillment Disappoints
12W Fast Implementation In Weeks
$$ Reduce Legacy OMS License Cost

The Orchestration Module offers four composable microservices that can work independently or in tandem to provide you with the features and flexibility you need to manage complex retail and grocery OMNI Channel fulfillment flows.


Orchestrate – Order State Engine Microservice

Using the Netflix Conductor framework - design a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels with our order state engine.Get started quickly with out-of-the-box support for standard fulfillment flows.
  • Ship to home, Ship to Store, Ship from Store​.
  • Craft your own order and fulfillment flows that bring together services and products.  From Grocery food service to product repair, we have you covered.

Orchestrate – Order Store Microservice

Single repository for all OMNI consumer transactions designed for high speed querying and text based order search.

Manage multiple consumer orders types across all sources  in one store for the ultimate OMNI Channel experience.

Orchestrate Order Store Microservice Dashboard

Orchestrate – Order Gateway Solution

Our Order Gateway Solution allows quick access to your orchestration engine from every single touchpoint. From order capture, order modification and back in from suppliers and carriers. 

Orchestrate-Order APIs

Orchestrate – OMNI Control Center

A purpose built tool for OMS event monitoring that measures order throughput against business SLA’s and identifies critical data transfer issues across the sales to cash lifecycle.

AI/ML late order prediction capabilities allow you to react in real time.

Orchestrate-OMNI Control Center Screenshot w frame

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Why choose a microservice-based order orchestration solution


Learn how modern microservice-based Orchestration solutions can improve your customer experience and efficiency.