These out-of-the-box building blocks help your team quickly and precisely deliver new fulfillment capabilities to your existing workflows.



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Create differentiated fulfillment experiences in no time with a powerful microservices engine on the back end.

Flexible Fulfillment

Consumer demands for speed and convenience require a flexible, custom, and robust set of fulfillment options. Every retailer has unique order orchestration requirements and dynamic service offerings that can’t be leveraged without flexible fulfillment microservices. Benefits include:

  • Enables all the standard flows like BOPIS, Ship from Store, Ship to Store, Ship to Home, and Same Day delivery.
  • Define user-defined triggers for payment, tax, invoicing, inventory movement, and communication.
  • Includes a Same Day Delivery service that comes fully integrated with the leading Gig carriers and allows you to offer same day and next day service with time-bound or open delivery windows.
  • Gain full visibility of delivery exceptions in your customer service system and the ability to cancel or reschedule delivery attempts.
  • Offer appointment scheduling for Curbside and BOPIS solutions to manage capacity and real-time communication with inbound customers when needed.
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Market Driven Fulfillment

Market driven fulfillment is a new strategy that creates one or more virtual inventory pools in a metro market by connecting a network of stores and re-distributes that inventory based on demand.

  • Improve BOPIS (Buy Online Pick up in Store) fill rate by leveraging the pool and offering alternative pick-up locations or next-day delivery vs. cancellations
  • Enable same-day/next-day delivery when a group of stores is working together to fulfill the promise vs. relying on inventory in just one store.
  • Lower shipping costs and drive BOPIS conversion by partnering with a middle mile logistics service that physically connects stores creating more pick-up availability.
  • Simplify your store fulfillment by pick & transfer to a shared sortation hub for consolidated shipping. This reduces shipping complexity in the store, creates pick-up density for local carriers for next-day delivery, and reduces costly order splits.
market driven fulfillment

Omni Control Center

The OMNI Control Center is a real-time dashboard that helps you proactively manage fulfillment-related operational and technical issues. The dashboard offers aggregated and drill-down views and full integration to existing escalation groups and technology stacks. Benefits include:

  • Ingest full and incremental order updates with adapters to your existing OMS or our Nextuple Studio microservices.
  • Select from standard flows (Same day, Ship to home, Buy online pick up in store, etc.) or configure your own workflow. You can set alert definitions, time thresholds, count thresholds, and auto alert closure rules at every step.
  • Alerts can be both operational (the store is behind on picking) and technical (order throughput is off of SLA of 5 min to store.)
  • Monitor business processes from an end-to-end perspective instead of an application's specific integration or response time.
  • Quickly reprocess exceptions or conduct mass updates across impacted orders.
omni control center

Simulations, Analytics and Planning

Today’s sourcing engines are complex, and retailers need a way to model changes against different demand sets and configuration settings. Plan your next peak with confidence. Benefits include:

  • Input historical inventory, order, and shipping data or set up an integration from production to build over time. Simulations can be run for both points in time or for a longer duration, such as a day or even a month of historical data.
  • Run simulations in baseline mode to ensure it mirrors current settings to build confidence. Begin what-if analysis by assigning sourcing rules, load carrier rate cards, and item data.
  • Compare run-time performance against baseline scenarios at order level or aggregated over time. View simulations for node distribution, order splits, overall cost, promising impacts, and any capacity bottlenecks.

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