Decouple your tech stack and turn it into a cloud-native, fast, agile, development machine


Your fulfillment modernization journey

starts with Microservices.  


What are Microservices?

Microservices are modular and composable “services” that are independently developed, deployed, and managed. Microservices can be combined to create functionality that allows retailers to quickly deliver new features to meet customer demands and create greater efficiencies for better profitability.

  • Transform  legacy systems into modern cloud-native, scalable workhorses
  • Nimble updates lead to cost savings and new growth




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Innovate Faster to Meet Customer Demand

By decoupling complicated application elements, microservices help retailers to react faster to market demands and scale as needed.

  • Specialized teams can develop multiple services concurrently
  • Applications are much easier to scale, update and enhance without downtime
  • Components can be developed in different programming languages
  • Development can be ongoing and seamless


Gain More Control and More Efficiencies

Offer new capabilities, add-ons, and extensions without requiring new systems.

  • Near zero downtime for vital customer-facing and internal applications
  • Loose coupling that allows code to be constantly refined over time
  • Quick implementation of new features without affecting adjacent functions
  • Independent features that make identifying bugs easier
gain more control and more efficiancies

Use Composable Microservices to Get the Best of Both Worlds


Microservices built to align with your chosen tech stack help you build the solution you need.

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