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A modular, microservices-based solution platform for upgrading or augmenting legacy Order Management System (OMS) platforms for modern Inventory & Promising, Order Orchestration, and Store Fulfillment capabilities.

NEW! AI-Powered Predictive Order Promising

If you would like to learn more about our Predictive Order Promising, which leverages AI and ML to accurately predict the processing lead times for fulfillment centers, stores, drop-ship, and marketplace vendors as well as shipping transit times from carriers, click Let's Chat on the right and we will reach out to schedule some time with you.
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25% Supporting 25% of the Top 25 OMNI channel retailers.
4 Mo. Average Project Length
5-20% Improve Conversion Rates
3-10% Reduce Cost Per Package

Compose New OMNI-Channel Customer Experiences


Our Nextuple Order Management StudioTM is a unified platform of composable order management system microservices to add agility to your legacy OMS. You can build new experiences one component at-a-time, or several in parallel. Our Order Management Studio has three main solution modules: Promise & Inventory, Orchestration, and Fulfillment. These modular solutions enable you to support a full breadth of Omnichannel Order Management System processes and use cases but more importantly, with a framework that allows you to iterate your way to the perfect order.



Nextuple Order Management StudioTM


How is Nextuple Order Management StudioTM Different?

A Battle-Tested, Flexible Architecture

  • Event driven architecture – deploy at the subcomponent level 
  • Leverage your existing cloud commitments
  • Use of leading open tech stack components such as Springboot, Redis, Kafka, React JS and Java
  • Deployment templates for all clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.) 

Expert Practitioners Drive Studio Innvovation

  • Leverage best-in-class Omni features & capabilities built with real customers
  • Product managers with average 15+years' experience in the domain
  • Certified product quality software built for performance & security


Commercial & Deployment Flexibility

  • Own your bespoke IP & rights to modify thereafter.
  • Co-developed or custom solutions with rewards for IP sharing
  • SaaS / Managed on your cloud
  • Binary deployment with option to purchase source code
  • A mix of all the above 

Get Your Free Value Assessment Today

This six-hour workshop will identify the value Nextuple can bring to your organization. We’ll engage key business leaders, IT and operational executives in a collaborative discovery process to uncover improvements in revenue, efficiency and customer experience. Within 2 weeks of the workshop, we'll provide the documented business case and roadmap to maximize your business potential.


Why choose a microservice-based Order Management System solution

Learn how modern, microservice-based OMS solutions can improve your customer experience, add agility, and increase efficiency in your omnichannel operations.