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Retailers need flexible store-based fulfillment options to support new carriers, new fulfillment methods, higher volumes, and higher service expectations.

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10% Increase in Fill Rate
50% Increase In Units Picked Per Hour
20% Reduction In Wait Time
10% Reduction In Shipping Expenses

The Fulfillment Module offers four composable microservices with the features and flexibility you need for scaling store based fulfillment. From multiple picking strategies, arrival dashboards – we can augment or replace your current legacy OMS processes.

Fulfill Dashboards

Allow your stores to manage the daily execution of store fulfillment operations.​

  • Build dashboards to track store execution​
  • Measure and improve by capturing user metrics on picking and packing efficiency​
  • AI/ML driven pro-active exception detection and alerting


Choose from multiple picking strategies based on your store operation and layout using order, batch, or waveless picking.​

  • ​All these strategies can support recommended pick path, RFID support, with multiple devices support. ​
  • This microservice includes a front-end/UI to support end-to-end picking processes.
  • ​It can support substitutions based on your rules.

Shipping & Packing

Full support for your outbound shipping needs to enable Ship from store at scale.

  • Prioritize orders based on carrier cut-offs or service level commitments
  • Integrate with any parcel carrier with standard label and weight capture functionality
  • Recommend box selection
  • Support GIG carriers in your shipping flows


Create a superior customer pickup experience with our dispense microservice.

  • Dispense flows for BOPIS, Curbside, and Gig delivery drivers
  • Support standard customer communication flows
  • Support curbside features for customer check-in and parking space management
  • Manage wait time for customers/drivers arriving for pickup with an arrival dashboard
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Why choose a microservice-based fulfillment solution


Learn how modern microservice-based fulfillment solutions can improve your customer experience, reduce costs, and add agility to your operations.