The complexity in today’s order management environment is exploding. Our order orchestration microservices let you take advantage of all of this without a quarterly release cycle or dependence on SaaS OMS provider updates.

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The Nextuple Fulfillment Studio’s Order Orchestration Tuple builds upon a unified order store across all sales channels, including sales, fulfillment, and returns orders, giving consumers visibility across all interactions in a scalable architecture. The Order Tuple offers four composable microservices that can work independently or in tandem to provide you with the features and flexibility you need: Order State Engine, Order Store, Manage Order APIs, and Order Management.


Order State Engine Microservice

  • Design and deliver a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels with our order state engine.
  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box support for standard fulfillment flows:
    • BOPIS and Curbside 
    • Same Day and Next Day local delivery 
    • Ship to home, Ship to Store, Ship from Store
    • Store appointments for services 
  • Ability to customize standard flows based on unique retailer needs such as payment triggers, inventory reservations, sales posting and customer communications. 
  • Craft your own future order and fulfillment flows easily.


orchestrate order state engine

Order Store Microservice

  • Manage multiple consumer orders types in one store (Product and service based, reoccurring, etc.)
  • Store orders from all sources, including website, marketplace, affiliates, and POS in one place. 
  • Boost performance with an order cache.
  • Simplify order retrieval across order types and attributes 
  • Scalable architecture to store and retrieve orders
order store

Manage Order APIs Microservice

  • Support for order capture across multiple platforms and marketplaces 
  • Integrate with drop-ship vendors or marketplaces to support fulfillment 
  • Manage orders in any context from any device. 
  • Allow consumers to modify orders from any touch point 
  • Enable external partners such as carriers to make real-time updates to order status   
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Order Management Microservice

  • Manage real-time performance across the entire lifecycle of the business process. 
  • Enable custom 3rd party portals for order collaboration
  • Provide exceptional customer service with end-to-end order visibility in our customer service UI using a fully progressive web app. 
  • Manage by exception capabilities via out-of-the-box dashboards 
  • Integrate order management into external customer service applications. 
  • Receive exception alerts with AI/ML-driven pro-active exception detection
order management
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