Retailers need flexible store-based fulfillment options to support new carriers, new fulfillment methods, higher volumes, and higher service expectations.

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The Nextuple OMNI Fulfillment Tuple offers five composable microservices that can work independently or together to provide you with the features and flexibility you need for flexible store based fulfillment: digital order queue, picking, staging operations, packing/shipping, and dispense.

These services enable you to efficiently scale store fulfillment operations and meet customer expectations across all fulfillment types.


Digital Order Queue Microservice

Allow your stores to manage the daily execution of store fulfillment operations.

  • Build dashboards to track store execution
  • Measure and improve by capturing user metrics on picking and packing efficiency
  • AI/ML driven pro-active exception detection and alerting




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Picking Microservice

Choose from multiple picking strategies based on your store operation and layout using order, batch, or waveless picking.

  • Push notifications to enable workflows
  • Recommend pick path based on planogram or pick to cart/tote within a zone
  • Choose between UPC scanning via camera or barcode scanner
  • Support RFID-enabled pick-path optimization
  • Skip and come back later to a pick.
  • Support nil pick with customized reason codes
  • Create substitutions based on rules.
  • Offer offline support

Staging Operations Microservice

Maximize store productivity with our staging microservice that allows you to create downstream shipping efficiencies.

  • Pick into a container to support downstream staging
  •  Consolidate orders with put wall staging
  • Recommend staging location or user-directed staging for shipping and pickup operations

staging operations

Shipping / Packing Microservice

Full support for your outbound shipping needs to enable Ship from store at scale.
  • Prioritize orders based on carrier cut-offs or service level commitments
  • Transfer to alternate stores or market hubs for inventory repositioning or downstream shipping operations
  • Integrate with over any parcel carrier with standard label and weight capture functionality
  • Recommend box selection
shipping packing

Dispense Microservice

Create a superior customer pick up experience with our dispense microservice.

  • Dispense flows for BOPIS, Curbside, and Gig delivery drivers
  • Support standard customer communication flows (Ready for pickup, Check-In Reminders, Pickup reminders)
  • Support canceled orders and return-to-shelf
  • Support curbside features for customer check-in and parking space management
  • Manage wait time for customers/drivers arriving for pickup with an arrival dashboard

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