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Fade 5 Retailers.

5 National Retailers Choose Nextuple Microservices

Today we announced five national omnichannel retailers comprising $50B in annual revenue and 7000 store locations are using the Nextuple Fulfillment Studio to modernize omnichannel fulfillment capabilities. By using microservices, retailers are taking an incremental approach to transform and future-proof their omnichannel fulfillment platform with flexibility, control, and confidence. The suite was launched in October 2022. 

The Nextuple Fulfillment Studio allows omnichannel retailers to respond quickly to consumer demands for speed and convenience. For example, one national retailer is providing an estimated delivery date promise on product listing pages at sub-second performance. Another prioritized the movement of $1MM of aged inventory during a two-week period through improved sourcing rules. 

“The widespread interest in Nextuple Fulfillment Studio validates our approach. By adding microservices on top of their tech stack, retailers can quickly respond to consumer demands for speed and convenience,” said Darpan Seth, CEO at Nextuple. “Retailers are looking for deep domain knowledge and best-in-class composable software that comes with deployment flexibility and ownership rights.” Nextuple Fulfillment Studio’s powerful building blocks enable retailers to meet those needs without disrupting their operations.”

The Nextuple Fulfillment Studio

Nextuple offers a wide set of domain-driven microservices across the Omnichannel value chain. Offered as Nextuple Fulfillment Studio (NFS), these include Promising Engine, Sourcing Engine, Order Repository, and Same Day Delivery microservices. The entire NFS offering provides a total of 14 composable microservices across the Promise, Orchestrate and Fulfill areas. 

  • Promise – The Promise Tuple offers four major composable microservices for promising, sourcing, inventory, and capacity. 
  • Orchestrate – The Order Orchestration Tuple builds upon a unified order store across all sales channels, including sales fulfillment, and returns orders, giving consumers visibility across all interactions in a scalable architecture. The Order Orchestration Tuple offers four composable microservices for the order state engine, order store, manage order APIs, and order management.
  • Fulfill – The Omni Fulfillment Tuple offers five composable microservices for flexible store-based fulfillment, digital order queuing, picking, staging operations, packing/shipping, and dispensing. These services enable retailers to efficiently scale store fulfillment operations and meet customer expectations across all fulfillment types.

NFS features include:

  • Flexible Deployment - NFS is available on any public or private cloud and can be delivered as SaaS or as an owned asset.
  • Access to Expert Resources - Developers can access source code, documentation, and Nextuple’s engineering and product management expertise through managed services.
  • Unique Licensing Model - With Nextuple’s unique licensing model, companies retain the rights to modify and use the code whenever needed.
  • Open Scalable Platform – NFS is compatible with your favorite tech stack and offers unlimited scalability.
  • Robust Security - SOC2 Type II certified.
  • Seamless Extensibility - Create new functions, add-ons, and extensions without requiring new systems.

In addition, the NFS offering also includes platform components such as Omni Control Center, UI Framework, and Notifications Framework. NFS is built leveraging an advanced yet proven open-source technology stack. The highly scalable NFS platform is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, helping future-proof omnichannel technology.

With NFS, Nextuple is disrupting the Omnichannel software and services industry by providing the flexibility to own and modify the underlying source code for these microservices. This is attractive for retailers planning to in-source omnichannel technology as part of modernization efforts. NFS is also available for traditional licensed and SaaS deployment models to help clients pace modernization based on their IT roadmap.

Are you attending NRF, January 15-17, in New York? 

If so, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. We are excited to showcase the Nextuple Fulfillment Studio for the first time at NRF 2023 at Booth #1626. Join us to learn more about how retailers are transforming omni fulfillment with microservices.

If you are not attending and would like to learn more, click below to speak with a microservices expert.

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