Health & Beauty is Personal. We Make it More Personal.

The health and beauty industry is a world of self-fulfillment. But all too often, purchase transactions are anything but fulfilling.

Today, health and beauty consumers expect a great experience at each step of their purchase and post-purchase journey. Sure, many retailers have the purchase journey covered, but it’s the post-purchase experience where things can go wrong and loyalty can be lost. That’s where Nextuple steps in.

Nextuple offers several solutions that can transform Health & Beauty stores:

  • Reliable fulfillment orchestration platforms that connect systems, channels and store associates

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products that constantly refine and improve fulfillment

  • Analysis and fulfillment experience designed to reduce cost-to-serve or speed up delivery

  • SaaS Solutions that let you add new capabilities to the post-purchase fulfillment process

In today’s world, health and beauty businesses have a huge opportunity to stand out, show empathy and win loyal new customers. Nextuple has the tools to make it happen. Now that’s healthy and beautiful.


Metro Fulfillment Centers
Optimize local fulfillment and reduce cost-to-serve up to 20%.
Same Day Delivery
Provide convenience and drive loyalty with blazing speed.
Ship From Store
Drive higher cross-channel inventory utilization.
Store Appointments
Make it easy to schedule appointments for customers.
Urban Line

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