Specialty Retail Customers Deserve Special Treatment.

Just when it looked like specialty retail would be consumed by big boxes and online giants, a revolution in post-purchase is changing the landscape.

In an era when customers expect communicative, personalized and prompt post-purchase experiences, specialty retail has an opportunity to shine.

That’s exactly what Nextuple does. We help specialty sellers build bonds with customers by making data and technology personal; connecting multiple data sources in real time to ensure better outcomes and constant communications.

Nextuple’s solutions are a perfect fit for specialty retailers’ needs:

  • SaaS Solutions that quickly add new capabilities to every stage of the post-purchase fulfillment process

  • Reliable Control Tower platform that connects systems, channels and people

  • • Data and intelligence tools that make orchestrating and optimizing the post-purchase experience smoother and more customer-friendly

  • Analysis and fulfillment-experience design to shorten product delivery to 2-3 days

At Nextuple, our mission is to optimize absolutely everything that happens after you take an order. The goal isn’t speed or efficiency—those are simply a means to and end. Our true goal is building trust between retailers and their customers. It’s a modern take on an age-old idea; one that we still passionately believe in.


Metro Fulfillment Centers
Optimize local fulfillment and reduce cost-to-serve up to 20%.
Same Day Delivery
Provide convenience and drive loyalty with blazing speed.
Ship From Store
Drive higher cross-channel inventory utilization.
Curbside Pickup
Enable up to 5x expansion in digital assortment for pickups.
Urban Line

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