Fresh Ways to Bag Better Engagement and More Loyalty.

Nextuple’s solutions can give grocery and convenience stores new ways to make customers’ lives easier and more fulfilled. Today’s consumers expect speed, selection and safety from grocery and convenience stores.

Nextuple helps retailers with new ways to get products into the hands of their customers while improving the entire fulfillment process. Our suite of SaaS solutions does more than just create options for consumers; they streamline the entire fulfillment journey, where we help make the right promise and manage to meet those expectations.

Nextuple empowers grocery and convenience stores in a number of ways:

  • Predictive data-driven Control Tower solutions allow clients to identify bottlenecks early and stay on top of customer promises

  • Grocers can manage capacity at each of their stores based on available labor, day or time of week, or even dynamically adjust based on existing order volumes

  • Store associates can be equipped with applications that allow them to manage critical functions such as picking, staging, dispense or delivery

  • Customers can be proactively notified about the progress of their orders, check-in to let the store know when they are curbside, or even reschedule a pick-up if they are delayed

Nextuple helps you excel at the services your customers expect: online shopping with on time delivery, no lines and guaranteed fulfillment. At Nextuple, we help you reach higher levels of customer engagement and loyalty by reshaping the purchase and post-purchase experiences.


Metro Fulfillment Centers
Optimize local fulfillment and reduce cost-to-serve up to 20%.
Same Day Delivery
Provide convenience and drive loyalty with blazing speed.
Curbside Pickup
Enable up to 5x expansion in digital assortment for pickups.
Urban Line

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